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Table of Contents

Here is the complete table of contents for The WomanSource Catalog & Review. There are seven chapters and 52 subtopics. Each page within a subtopic is also theme-related and identified within parenthesis. To view actual pages from the book, click on any of the highlighted entries below.


How To Use This Catalog

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I. WomenSpirations & Celebrations

Women's Perpetual Calendar
(A 12 month perpetual calendar of women's birthdays, milestones and celebrations worldwide)
(Fun and inspiring goodies to celebrate women)
Risk Takers
(Women mavericks & daredevils throughout history)

II. Ways of Living

Environment & Nature
(Women Speak Out, Ecofeminism, Eco-Education Resources, Green Info, Recycling, Green Consumer Resources, Care of Mother Earth & Her Creatures, Seeing the Whole Earth)
Food & Water
(Food Production, American Food System/Biodiversity, Vegetarianism, The Global Kitchen, Organic Foods/Back to Basics, Sustainable Agriculture/Water Scarcity, Keeping Water Safe, Water Management)
(Clothing Through the Ages, Fashion & Function, Handmade/Handwoven, Catalogs, Sewing/Supplies)
(Homelessness, Helping the Homeless, Housing Access, Urban Planning/Healthy Environments, Home Buying, Selling & Management, Interior Maintenance, Green, Safe & Accessible, Making a House a Home)
(Women’s Organizations, Community Survival & Building, Neighborhoods, Cities & Towns, Intentional Community, Celebrating Community Diversity)
(Women & the Medical Establishment, Women Speak on Healthcare, Medical Consumer, Health Networks/Self-Help, Women & AIDS, Medical Industry/Healing Alternatives, Cross-Cultural Healing Systems, Natural & Herbal Healing, Homeopathy/First Aid, Alternative & Low Income Access)
Security & Protection
(Legal Rights & Resources, Legal Rights/Legal Self-Help, Sexual Harassment, Rape/Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence/Self Defense, Self Defense, Personal & Home Safety)
(The Art of Driving, Car Buying, Car Repair, Informed Consumer/Road Kits, Alternatives)
Money & Resources
(Money of Conscience, Consumer Resources & Awareness, Consumer Awareness/Credit Repair, Money Savings, Thrifty Living, Money Management/Investment, Money Management/Retirement Planning, Taxes/Barter/Voluntary Simplicity, Welfare Mothers/Economic Equity, Financial Aids/Grants)
(Women’s Ways of Working, Job Rights/Women Working, Women & Work Resources, Career Preparation & Advancement, Business Start-ups, Work Alternatives, Alternative Employment Strategies, Nontraditional Occupations, Nonprofits & Cooperatives)
Personal Organization
(Alternative Time Management, Personal Organizers, Getting Organized, Space Management/Home Organizing)

III. Ways of Communicating

Information Gateways
(Privacy/Censorship, Censorship, Media Images & Influence, Media Access & Use, Funding Information/Librarianship, Research On Women/Library Access, Women’s Reference/Information Exchange, Women’s/Alternative Information Access)
Teaching & Education
(Women as Teachers, Teaching Aids/Classroom Equity, Teaching Girls, Gender Bias/Gender Gap, Pursuing Educational Excellence, Education Alternatives, Home Schooling, Women & Higher Education)
(Language & Social Change, Gender-Biased Language, Constructing Bias-Free Language, Woman-Crafted Language, Women’s Dictionaries, Storytelling/Sign Language)
Print Media
(Getting Published, Tools for Publishing & Promotion, Tools for Writing/Creating Publications, Bookselling/Women’s Bookstores, Book Lover Resources, Book Reviews/Vision-Impaired Resources)
Electronic Media
(Computer Use & Supplies, Women Online, The Internet, Alternative/Community TV & Radio, TV & Radio/Long Distance Services)
Film & Video
(Feminist Filmmakers, Women in Film/Film Industry, Women Filmmakers/Film Lover Resources, Women Directors, Women & Film/Periodicals, Filmmaking Tools)
(Play Anthologies, Feminist Theatre/Women Playwrights, Performance Art, Women on Stage, Stagecraft/Performing Arts Resources)
(Recognizing Women’s Art, Art History, Domestic & Textile Art, Other Visual Art Forms, Feminist Art & Dance, Literature & Poetry/Artists’ Resources, Supporting & Celebrating Women Artists)
(Composers & Concert Production, Jazz & Blues, Rock/Riot Grrrls, Country/Political/Spiritual, Womyn’s Music, Making Music, Music Support & Appreciation)
Women’s Web
(Salons, Women’s Letter Writing/Study Circles, Reading Groups/Salons, Women’s Web/Online)

IV. Ways of Being & Growing

(Women’s Self-Care, Knowing Your Body, Personal Wellness, Body Image, Skin & Hair, Feeling Good, Nutrition/Diet, Health Drains & Boosters, Meditation & Yoga, Massage/Backcare, Eyes, Teeth & Touch, Environmental Wellness/Immunity)
Illness & Recovery
(Understanding Illness, Self-Recovery, Treatment Research & Alternatives, Breast Cancer, Cancer Treatment Options, Surviving Cancer, Self-Help & Self-Management, Auto-Immune Disorders, AIDS, Addiction & Recovery, Sexual Abuse & Recovery, Addiction/Eating Disorders, Anxiety & Stress/Therapy, Women & Madness, Psychiatry & Alternatives)
Stages & Transitions
(Coming of Age, Menarche, Menstrual Lore & Resources, Sexuality/Pregnancy, Growing Older/Menopause, Menopause, Crone Years, Wise Woman Community Resource, Good Aging, Death & Dying)
(Feminist Spirituality History, Exploring the Goddess, Z. Budapest & Feminist Witchcraft, Honoring the Goddess/Ritual, Tools for Ritual/Spirituality Poetry, Paganism/Tarot, Medicine Women, Spiritual Quests, Spiritual Journeys, Spiritual Community Resources)
(Our Religious Renaissance, Reclaiming the Scriptures, Western Religious Patriarchy, Cracking the Stained Glass Ceiling, Re-Imagining Religion, Judaism, Eastern Enlightenment, Earth-Based Religions, Feminist Liberation Theology, Womanist Perspectives, Ethics & Community, Celebrating Diversity/Religious Centers)
(Sexual Know-How, Celebrating Your Sexual Self, Discovering Sexuality, Expanding Sexuality/Safe Sex, Masturbation/Contraception, Flights of Fancy, Sexual Aids)
Learning & Growing
(Whole Systems, Journey to Self, Peak Potential, Mind Expansion/ Altered States, Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Learning Resources)
Journal Keeping & Reflections
(Journaling Guides, Field Journaling/Computer Journaling, Journaling Supplies, Blank Journals)

V. Ways of Caring

(Long-Term Relationships, Variations, Consensual Unions, Wedding Guides, Nontraditional Weddings, Conflict Resolution/Relationship Enhancement, Break-Ups/Divorce, Staying Single/Friendship, Gyn/affection, Spectrums & Perspectives, Heart & Soul)
(Family Perspectives, Between Women, Family Ties, Family Life, Family Variations/Mother’s Voice, Family Support, Reunions, Genealogy, Adoption Searches)
Pregnancy, Childbirth & Motherhood
(About Motherhood, Infertility/Adoption Options, Positive Pregnancy, Teen Pregnancy/Birth Industry, Birthing Alternatives, Birth Partners, Alternative Birthing Resources & Childbirth Education, Midwifery, Postpartum/Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding)
Childcare & Parenting
(Baby Care, Working Moms/Daycare, Lesbian & Single Moms, Parenting Power, Parenting Girls, Teens, Parenting Challenges, Health & Safety, Special-Needs Resources)
(For Children of Aging Parents, Resource Access & Networking, Caregiver Support, Eldercare Aids & Support, Alzheimer’s/Long-Term Care, Nursing Homes/Elder Abuse)
Animal Companions
(Animal Rights Activism, Dogs, Cats, Animal Health, Pet Sitting & Vacationing/Supplies)
Outreach & Volunteer
(Philanthropy, Community Outreach, Volunteer Opportunities, Getting Kids Involved, Social Action & Volunteer Guides, Mutual Aid, Volunteer Management)

VI. Ways of Seeing & Understanding

(Feminist Humor, Cartoonists, Stand-Up Comedy, Stand-Up Comics, Women Comics, Literary Humor, Comic Books/Clowning Around)
(Global Feminism & Human Rights Abuses, Reproductive Rights/World Peace, Citizen Politics/Staying Informed, Political Support Organizations, Political Action Committees (PAC) listing, Women Activists, Community Organizing, Lobbying/Fundraising, Campaign Trail)
Women’s Studies
(Programs & Classroom Tools, Feminist Social Theory, Notes on the Patriarchy, Feminist Scholarship & Curriculum Tools, Women’s Studies Online, Women’s Studies Traditions, In Perspective)
(Prehistory, Middle Ages & Beyond, American Women’s History, Progressive Era/Suffrage/Inequalities, Women’s Movements/Writing History, 1920s to 1970s, Herstory for Kids, Resources for Her-storians, Women’s Archives)
Science & Technology
(Women Scientists, Science & Gender, Biology/Anthropology, Universe Within and Without, Whole Systems/New Science, Resources for Doing Science, Growing Scientists, Technology: Agendas & Feminist Perspectives, Reproductive Technology/Questioning Technology, Inventors & Inventions)
Society & Culture
(Women’s Folk Culture, Media Culture, Women’s Experience in Society, Cultural Commentary, Building Bridges, Fighting Homophobia, Fighting Ableism, Fringe Culture, Cultural Survival & Relations, Cultural Diversity/Cultural Etiquette)
Women’s Words
(Diversity/Finding Our Voices, Perspectives on Life Writing, Diaries, Feminist Ethnography/Oral History, Writing Your Life Story)
Women’s Vision
(Feminist Revisionism, Feminist Philosophical Classics, Gynocratic Visions, Whole Systems Philosophy, Feminist Ethics & Morality, The Power to Transform, Feminist Utopias, Feminist Science Fiction)

VII. Ways of Playing & Creating

Sports & Fitness
(Resources for Athletes, Bicycling, Fitness, Strength & Martial Arts Training, Social Perspectives/History)
Travel, Adventure & Recreation
(Armchair Traveler, Travel Preparations, Getting There/Places to Stay, Ecotourism, Travel Guides, More Travel Guides/Cruises, Travel Resources & Networking, Wanderlust/Nomadics, Adventure Travel Outfitters, Adventure Travel Sports, Women Outdoors/Camping, Wilderness Skills/Hiking, By Land or By Sea, Outdoor Gear & Supplies, Outdoor Adventure Sports, Motorcycling, Water Sports, Air Sports)
(Jewelry/Beads/Stained Glass, Doll & Toy Making/Decorative Finishes, Papercraft, Fiber Arts/Basketry, Nature & Flower Craft)
Designing & Building
(Designer’s Palette, Graphic Design, Problem Solving, Ecological Design, Homebuilding, Exterior/Interior Design, Building/Using Tools, Building, Repairing & Restoring)
(Ecology of Gardening, The Essence of Gardening, Organic Gardening & Pest Management, Biodiversity/Plant Preservation, Lawn Alternatives, Flowers & Butterflies, Edible Landscaping, Herbs: Medicinal & Culinary, Container & Water Gardening/Gardening Supplies, Accessible Gardening)
Creativity & Expression
(Writing, Writing Workshops & Audios, Visual Expression, Music & Dance)


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