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Sports & Fitness

Following is a single-page selection from "Sports & Fitness," an eight page topic within Chapter VII. Ways of Playing & Creating. The selected page, entitled "Bicycling," is found on page 428 of The WomanSource Catalog & Review. You can select a review of a single resource entry from the Page Menu or scroll through all of the resources found on the page by clicking the highlighted "Bicycling" link below.

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VII. Ways of Playing & Creating
Sports & Fitness
(Resources for Athletes, Bicycling, Fitness, Strength & Martial Arts Training, Social Perspectives/History)
Travel Resources & Networking (pg. 440, VII. Ways of Playing & Creating)
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A Woman's Guide to Cycling (book)

Terry Precision Bikes (periodical)

Burley Design Cooperative (product)

Parlor Talk (cycle facts)

Bike Abroad 439 Organized Trips with 70 Companies in 49 Countries (book)

Quick Bike Repairs (book)

In this mixture of solid advice and how-to guidance for the novice biker, the serious racer or the recreational fan, Bicycling magazine editor Susan Weaver brings the results of her acumen to you. This guide is truly comprehensive, covering basic bike repairs, how to find a bike that is appropriate for a woman's body size (and how to make adjustments yourself if you can't find the right fit), biking when pregnant, how to ride safely with traffic, how to train properly, and offering a distributor list of woman-specific gear. Specific chapters on "fueling the engine" (how to eat and drink properly in preparation for a challenging ride) and "ouch-less" biking (how to stretch correctly before riding, what to do to stay comfortable while riding) give guidance on making the biking experience as pleasurable as possible. What is particularly gratifying is that all is said and done with a gently encouraging style; Susan includes lengthy quotes from women cyclists all over the country who share their experiences—good and bad—on bicycles. ~ PH

A Woman's Guide to Cycling
Susan Weaver, 1991; 256 pp.
Ten Speed Press/Order Dept.
P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707
$14.95 per paperback, $18.45 (postpaid)
800-841-2665 MC/Visa
ISBN #0-89815-400-6

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Not only does this woman-owned company design and produce bicycles made for a woman's proportions, they are the only mass distributors of bicycles for women in this country. They also make accompanying women's gear from cycle shorts to gloves. Georgena Terry is the owner, and they are increasing their distribution all the time. If your local bike shop doesn't carry Terry Bikes, have them order one for you. Once you ride a bike that really fits your proportions, you will wonder how you ever rode anything else. ~ IR

Terry Precision Bikes
Terry Precision Bicycles for Women, Inc.
1704 Wayneport Rd., Macedon, NY 14502
Free catalog
800-289-8379 MC/Visa

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Here is evidence that having small children and being able to keep fit are not mutually exclusive. The Burley Design Cooperative of Eugene, Oregon has engineered toddler transportation that makes sense. A brisk walk or ride with the Burley d' Lite, a kid trailer that attaches to your bike, will give you a great workout, and you don't have to find anyone to watch the baby. Kids love the ride, too. The Burley folds up in about a minute, is safer than conventional bike seats and is sturdy enough for dirt and country roads. If your bike shop doesn't carry Burley, you can call or write the company for the nearest dealer in your area. ~ IR

Burley Design Cooperative
4080 Stewart Rd., Eugene, OR 97402
Free catalog

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Parlor Talks appear throughout the catalog within this graphic, represented by one of our favorite labor leaders, the indomitable and never-at-a-loss-for-words Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. In her day Mother Jones was termed "the most dangerous woman in America;" we thought it only fitting that she be the icon for our Parlor Talks which offer pithy pieces of information, quotes, eye-opening statistics and whatever appropriately subversive goodies we could get our hands on. We think Mother Jones would be proud. If you want to learn more about Mother Jones, check out Mother Jones Speaks: Speeches and Writings of a Working-Class Fighter available from Pathfinder Press for $28.95, 212-741-0690.

Parlor Talk

Bicycling burns about 500 calories per hour and is a great way to start getting fit. Plus, it's an environmentally sound and energy-efficient means of transportation. Try biking to work!
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Bicycle touring is an exciting and rewarding way to travel. Being out on a bike puts you close to the land and the people you pass along the way, and you get a feel for the geography and the personality of the region that is unlike anything you experience with faster, more conventional transportation. The particulars of preparation and the mechanics of a tour can be daunting, though; Bike Abroad is a thorough guide to the details of group bicycle touring abroad. From pre-trip conditioning to descriptions of over 400 commercial group tours, this book tells the rider how to prepare for a trip, and what she can expect in terms of difficulty, cost and accommodations on each of the excursions. The tours are listed by geographical region, and the numerous color photographs will entice the cyclist to hit the road. ~ Karen Hornback

Bike Abroad
439 Organized Trips with 70 Companies in 49 Countries
Gerri Alpert, 1995; 342 pp.
Atrium Publishers Group
3356 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
$29.95 per paperback, $33.95 (postpaid)
800-275-2606 MC/Visa
ISBN #1-885150-00-8

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If you're on the road and something goes wrong with your trusty bike/companion, here's a good resource to have along. Each chapter covers a specific bike part, from brakes to tires to frames, with step-by-step instructions for diagnosis and repairs including what tools you'll need and clear illustrations. This handy guide is a convenient narrow size that will slip into a bag or basket, and the pages are laminated for endurance and attached in such a way that they fan out for easy reference. ~ PH

Quick Bike Repairs
Mary Yee, ed., 1994; 112 pp.
Chronicle Books
275 Fifth St., San Francisco, CA 94103
$9.95 per rivet-bound, $13.45 (postpaid)
800-722-6657 MC/Visa/Amex
ISBN #0-8118-0559-X

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