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How to Order The WomanSource Catalog & Review

(The book is available at bookstores everywhere. But you can also order right here from our website.)

Order Online
Order online through the world's largest online bookstore Books and have The WomanSource shipped to the location of your chosing by the next business day. You can buy for yourself or send The WomanSource as a gift and even select from a choice of wrapping paper.

*Many of the books reviewed in The WomanSourceCatalog can also be ordered directly from
You can search by title, author or subject.

Order by Phone
Books can be ordered by credit card directly from the publisher, Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts at 1-800-841-BOOK. All major credit cards accepted.

Order by E-mail, Fax or Postal Mail
Books can be ordered by e-mail by simply filling out our Book Order Form and clicking "Send Now". If you prefer regular mail or fax, simply complete the Book Order Form, print it out and send or fax it to The Launch Pad.

Special Benefits Program For Women's Groups & Organizations
In an effort to support women's groups and organzations, The Launch Pad, in cooperation with our publisher, Celestial Arts, offers this Special Benefits Program for women's events and conferences. The book, which retails for $22.95, is made available to you at a same-as-bookstore discount of 40% or $13.75 per book. We also waive shipping costs.

You may order as many books as you like from The Launch Pad on a consignment basis for your event or conference. Unsold books are simply returned to us at the conclusion of the event with a check for those sold. You may also purchase remaining or additional books at the same 40% discount. Some groups who have taken advantage of the Benefits Program include The National Women's Studies Association, The Annual Women's Herbal Conference, The Annual Birth Gazette Conference, Midwifery Association and the Feminist Majority Foundation, which sold over 60 books at their Washington, DC Expo '96. Orders may be made either by contacting The Launch Pad directly or by completing the Book Order Form and checking the Special Benefits option.

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By E-Mail: The Launch Pad
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To contact Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts:
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By Phone: The Launch Pad (813) 920-0788
Ten Speed Press (phone orders) (800) 841-BOOK
By Fax: The Launch Pad (813) 920-0769

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