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About The Launch Pad

Launch Pad Logo The Launch Pad is a not-for-profit organization specializing in access to information and resources for women. Our goals are to bring together practical ideas and solutions for meeting the challenges of life and to offer women a springboard from information to action. We maintain a database of information on books, periodicals, organizations, products, services and other resources collected by our staff members and referred by women globally. The Launch Pad promotes self-reliance and self-determination in all areas of life—whether building your own house, starting a business, opting for an at-home birth or traveling the world. Our mission is to create vehicles which provide women with access to tools and ideas that educate, enlighten and empower.Consider The WomanSource Catalog & Review your point of departure.
Knowledge is power!

Future Projects

The WomanSource Catalog & Review is The Launch Pad's first book project and is the first of its kind for women. We are just beginning to scratch the surface. Plans for several projects are underway so we may continue to build a global information network for supporting and empowering women:

The WomanSource Quarterly—a quarterly magazine supplement, Catalog-style, with the latest in resource reviews and articles by our staff and contributors from all corners of the women's community.

The WomanSource Catalog & Review online—access to the information in The WomanSource Catalog on the Web along with links to women's sites of all kinds. (This site is just the beginning. We will be adding links and content weekly. Stay tuned for much, much more!)

The WomanSource Catalog & Review CD-ROM—a multimedia version of WomanSource featuring a feast of sight and sound (e.g. authors reading excerpts from their book or sample music and video tracks), full color photos of the resource being reviewed, hypertext indexing and interactive web links.

* If you'd like to be kept up to date on these projects and other Launch Pad happenings, join our mailing list. If you have resources, information or links to women's web sites you'd like to share, you can submit them from our online share form.

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