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Travel, Adventure & Recreation

Following is a single-page selection from "Travel, Adventure & Recreation," a twelve page topic within Chapter VII. Ways of Playing & Creating. The selected page, entitled "Travel Resources & Networking," is found on page 440 of The WomanSource Catalog & Review. You can select a review of a single resource entry from the Page Menu or scroll through all of the resources found on the page by clicking the highlighted "Travel Resources & Networking" link below.

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VII. Ways of Playing & Creating
Travel, Adventure & Recreation
(Armchair Traveler, Travel Preparations, Getting There/Places to Stay, Ecotourism, Travel Guides, More Travel Guides/Cruises, Travel Resources & Networking, Wanderlust/Nomadics, Adventure Travel Outfitters, Adventure Travel Sports, Women Outdoors/Camping, Wilderness Skills/Hiking, By Land or By Sea, Outdoor Gear & Supplies, Outdoor Adventure Sports Motorcycling, Water Sports, Air Sports)
Travel Resources & Networking (pg. 440, VII. Ways of Playing & Creating)

Susan B. Anthony Slept HereA Guide to Women's Landmarks (book)

JourneywomanA Networking Magazine for Female Travel Enthusiasts (periodical)

Able to Travel (book)

Travelin' Woman (periodical)

Travel is essentially a fascination with place and a curiosity about how people's surroundings have shaped their lives and created their cultures. That's why we care where Susan B. Anthony or Laura Ingalls Wilder or Ida Wells-Barnett slept or lived or dreamed. One of the first of its kind, this guide was compiled as a centralized source for American women's landmarks. Monuments, birth places, childhood homes, schools, institutions, home towns and other famous sites dedicated to women who made history in America are arranged alphabetically by state and locale. Each landmark has a short description (including street and city), its significance in history and the accomplishments of the woman, with photographs sprinkled throughout. The names of the women included are indexed in the back, so you can easily find your heroines. It's about time we had a guide to the landmarks of our foremothers so everyone may rightfully explore and honor them. ~ KS

Susan B. Anthony Slept Here
A Guide to American Women’s Landmarks
Lynn Sherr & Jurate Kazickas, 1994; 578 pp.
Random House/Order Dept.
400 Hahn Rd., Westminster, MD 21157
$18.00 per paperback, $22.00 (postpaid)
800-733-3000 MC/Visa/Amex
ISBN #0-8129-2223-9

Statue of Sybil Ludington
Route 52. A spirited bronze of a young woman on horseback portrays the gallant nighttime ride of the sixteen-year-old known as the female Paul Revere. On the evening of April 26, 1777, alerted by a messenger that British troops were raiding nearby Danbury, Connecticut, young Sybil mounted her horse and rode cross-country along narrow ox-cart trails to call out the volunteer militiamen commanded by her father....Her daring mission, which rounded up enough volunteers to help drive the British back, covered twice the distance traveled by Revere.

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Short, but rich, this international newsletter is packed with sage advice for women travelers. Each issue of this quarterly gives you a first-person story from a woman traveler called "Her Travel Diary" and an introduction to a different female-friendly city (places with an abundance of accommodations that welcome women). A regular feature called the "Journey doctor" column helps you keep healthy on the road and another, "Sixty Something Plus," addresses the need of senior travelers. "Call! Write! Fax!" contains traveling tips from other readers. All this, combined with ads from woman travel companies and networks to locate traveling companions, make this one-stop shopping for women of the world. ~ KS

A Networking Magazine for
Female Travel Enthusiasts
Evelyn Hannon, ed.
50 Prince Arthur Ave., Ste. 1703
Toronto, Canada M5R 1B5
$22.50 per year/quarterly

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Here, more than 100 disabled contributors write on their experiences of traveling around the globe. Part of the Rough Guide series, Able to Travel offers priceless information, such as which hotels really are accessible (some that display the international disabled logo "forget" stairs leading up to the elevators, for example), which museums and other sites can be toured easily, as well as sharing how the contributors dealt with difficulties and frustrations, and organizations that they found helpful. A final chapter, called "practicalities," lists agents, tour companies, books and organizations to consult for more information. The women editors of this volume hope one day their book will be "redundant" because every place will be accessible. In the meantime, this guide will make touring a little bit easier in our world of able-bodied bias. ~ PH

Able to Travel
Alison Walsh, ed., 1994; 603 pp.
Penguin USA/Order Dept.
P.O. Box 999, Dept. 17109, Bergenfield, NJ 07621
$19.95 per paperback, $21.95 (postpaid)
800-253-6476 MC/Visa
ISBN #1-85828-110-5

What concern is there for the less able in Singapore? What of the "less perfect" members of society? Since my trip in 1987, I have been encouraged to learn from Ah Mei that the government has established a committee to improve provision and access for the disabled. While there, I noticed that the newest shopping complex had special rest room facilities; one or two public buildings we visited had ramped entrances. The high-rise shopping centers which line both sides of Orchard Road are wheelchair friendly because of the large public elevators between floors.

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This monthly newsletter, founded by a travel writer and columnist, is loaded with useful tips about taxes in foreign countries, how to reduce travel stress, hotel survival and guides to exotic places like the Amazon. Recent issues included an article with a list of the countries that routinely fumigate places with deadly insecticides (and what to do if that happens), and regular updates on airlines that have banned smoking on all international flights. Regular columns entitled "Postcards from the Road" and "Travelers Talk Back" are written by subscribers about their experiences, recommendations, favorite hideaways and travel tips. Common sense advice and a connection to a community of other traveling women make this a good investment. ~ Diane Mason

Travelin' Woman
Nancy Mills, ed.
Travelin' Woman
855 Moraga Dr., #14, Los Angeles, CA 90049
$48.00 per year/12 issues
800-871-6409 MC/Visa

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