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Security & Protection

Following is a single-page selection from "Security & Protection," an eight page topic within
Chapter II. Ways of Living
. The selected page is entitled "Personal & Home Safety" and is found on
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II. Ways of Living
Security & Protection
(Legal Rights & Resources, Legal Rights/Legal Self-Help Sexual Harassment, Rape/Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence/Self Defense, Self Defense, Personal & Home Safety)
Personal & Home Safety (pg. 96, II. Ways of Living)
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Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live (book)

Parlor Talk (cool tip on how to deter car theft)

The Safety Zone: (catalog)

Pepper Defense Sprays (product)

Lead Photo for "Security & Protection"

Tampa Bay Women Guardian Angels

Women Guardian Angels of Tampa Bay

Photograph © Davida Johns
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No one has to be a helpless victim. Individuals and neighborhoods who take an active role in practicing preventive safety measures, such as Neighborhood Watch Groups and learning safety awareness skills, have had success in reducing both personal and property crimes. Stephanie Mann is one of the originators of the Neighborhood Watch concept and is well-versed in safety and crime prevention methods. Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods presents many clearly laid-out techniques for protecting yourself, your family, your home and your neighborhood, such as forming neighborhood safety groups, working with the police, combatting drug dealers and teaching children how to be safe. This is the best overall book on security and protection Iíve seen. ~ IR

Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods
Stopping Crime Where You Live
Stephanie Mann, 1993; 320 pp.
Nolo Press
950 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94710
$14.95 per paperback, $18.95 (postpaid)
800-992-6656 MC/Visa/Amex/Disc
ISBN #0-87337-195-X

Children should also know where to turn for help in the neighborhood. Take a walk through the neighborhood together and point out the houses where your children might find help. Make sure they know the nearest adults who can be counted on to offer assistance, and that these adults know the children have been instructed to turn to them for help. Your neighborhood may have Block Parents, volunteers who temporarily take care of children during an emergency. If so, make sure your children know the sign identifying homes of Block Parents.

Operation I.D. is the nationally recognized name for a program that involves inscribing a personal identification number on your most valuable articles. In police-initiated Operation I.D. programs, participants advertise the fact that their property is marked by placing special decals in house windows. If your local police department cannot provide decals, your neighborhood crime prevention group can contact the National Sheriff's Association for these and related crime prevention products.

National Sheriffís Association, National Neighborhood Watch Program, 1450 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22314, 800-424-7827.

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Parlor Talks appear throughout the catalog within this graphic, represented by one of our favorite labor leaders, the indomitable and never-at-a-loss-for-words Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. In her day Mother Jones was termed "the most dangerous woman in America;" we thought it only fitting that she be the icon for our Parlor Talks which offer pithy pieces of information, quotes, eye-opening statistics and whatever appropriately subversive goodies we could get our hands on. We think Mother Jones would be proud. If you want to learn more about Mother Jones, check out Mother Jones Speaks: Speeches and Writings of a Working-Class Fighter available from Pathfinder Press for $28.95, 212-741-0690.

Parlor Talk

One of the most effective types of car theft deterrents is the kind that disables your ignition system. Hereís a little do-it-yourself trick which accomplishes the same thing. When you leave your car, open the fuse box (it's usually on the driverís side under the dash to the left of the steering column) and pull out the fuse thatís labeled ignition or electronics. No one will be able to start your car without replacing the fuse and thieves wonít want to stick around to try to figure out why your car wonít start.
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This catalog has a little bit of everything to keep you, your home, your car, your kids and even your pets safe and sound. There are some great little gadgets: portable deadbolt door alarms for traveling; a fire escape ladder; studded shoe pullovers for walking in the snow; innovative kitchen aids to keep you from getting cut or burned; strap-on leg safes to store cash or valuables; alarms that sound like a barking dog; child-proofing latches for drawers and cupboards, even a seat belt for dogs (who would have thought?). This barely scratches the surface. Certainly makes for unique browsing; check it out. ~ IR

The Safety Zone
Hanover, PA 17333-0109
Free catalog
800-999-3030 MC/Visa/Amex/Disc

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Pepper Defense Sprays
Most mace and pepper-type sprays shoot in a fine stream, which makes it difficult to actually hit your target and all that much more dangerous if you miss. Pepper Defense Self Defense Sprays use a propellant that blasts a five foot cloud of gas up to 15 feet. The active ingredients here are (CN) tear gas and Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which is derived from the Cayenne Pepper plant. Aside from producing coughing, choking, etc., they are supposed to be much more effective at physically blinding the attacker than traditional mace-type sprays (although reportedly with no permanent damage). It also uses a visible dye to help identify the attacker later. The Sprays come in several sizes and models including one with a key ring holster so you can have it easily in hand. Using gas protection can be a risky proposition because it is uncertain how long or intense each individual's reaction may be; however, it may give you the advantage you need to get away in a threatening situation. ~ IR

Pepper Defense Sprays
Self Defense Sprays
Personal Safety Corporation
P.O. Box 128, 1905 North Center Point Rd.
Hiawatha, IA 52233
800-536-7882 MC/Visa/Amex
*Call for pricing and a referral to your local distributor. For a good overview on how to use these sprays, try Doug Lamb's Pepper Sprays: Practical Self-Defense for Anyone, Anywhere available through Paladin Press (800-392-2400).

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