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VI. Women's Home, Family, Spirituality & Health Resources

Alternative Menstral Products - Eco-Logique
Safer and healthier alternatives to conventional
menstral products made for and by women
(reviewed in The WomanSource). Alternative Menstral Products screenshot

American College of Nurse-Midwives
Filled with an excellent assortment of information and links on midwifery, this is the homepage of the American College of Nurse-Midwives. American College of Nurse-Midwives screenshot

A Canadian-based advocacy group for sexually abused children. AMNESTY FOR KIDS screenshot

Back to Basics
A woman-owned mail-order company for homesteaders with focus on improving the quality of food. Great resources for preserving, canning and gardening! Back to Basics screenshot

Baby & You Workout for Two
The website home of an innovative, safe and rewarding new workout video designed especially for post- natal mothers and their infants.Baby & You Workout for Twoscreenshot

A nice assortment of children's bedtime stories organized by category
for busy parents. Just select on, print it off and read! Bedtime-Story screenshot

Bizy Moms!
A resource guide for the mom who wants to work at home. Created by Liz Folger, Author of, Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide To Making Money. Bizy Moms! screenshot

Cosmetic Connection
This is an advertiser-free site devoted to informing women
about cosmetics and skin care in an honest and unbiased way
as opposed to the profit-driven rheotric of the cosmetic industry
and multi-million dollar cosmetic companies. Cosmetic Connection screenshot

Cherry Valley Books
A woman-owned online catalog of children's, young adult, and parenting books with a strong emphasis on feminist and environmental literature.Cherry Valley Books screenshot

Crisis Intervention Angels
The online home of a private women's club formed with the
express purpose of helping women in crisis.Crisis Intervention Angels screenshot

The CyberMom Dot Com
A home on the net for moms with modems.The CyberMom Dot Com screenshot

Mary Lee produces her own line of natural, safe, and
effective aromatherapy personal care products, baby
and child care products, home care products, and health aids. Earthtribe screenshot

Earthwise Basics Baby Products
A mother owned business offering parents exceptional quality cloth diapering products, baby slings, sheepskins, herbal skin care products, wood toys, and more.Earthwise Basics Baby Products screenshot

Family Violence Awareness Page
A resource site devoted to helping fight all forms of family violence. Family Violence page screenshot

Good Grief Rituals
Developed by Elaine Childs Gowell, ARNP, Ph.D., a psychiatric nurse practitioner, this site is dedicated to rituals, workshops and other tools for coping with grief. Good Grief Rituals screenshot

The Feminist Women's Health Center
A resource offering information and support to women considering
abortion or women thinking about their past abortions. Feminist Women's Health Center screenshot

Feminist Mothers at Home
An email discussion group for thinking women who
choose to stay at home with their children and do
something more than watch Regis and Kathie Lee. Feminist Mothers at Home screenshot
An online children's store started by a Mom who wanted to to offer
products that promote postive, respectful parenting and aren't overly commercial. screenshot

mama bella
An innovative and cost-effective clothing concept for pregnant women. mama bella screenshot

Moms Online
An online community of Mothers meeting to share support, information, encouragement and camaraderie. Moms Online screenshot

A comprehensive medical information resource and search
database for both patients and doctors which includes all types
of women's health issues.Moms Online screenshot

The Mother is Me
A forum for women who are currently defining their mothering role in contemporary society The Mother is Me screenshot

New Moon: The Magazine for Girls & Their Dreams New Moon screenshot

Native Shop
The web site of the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center offering health education products and "products with a message" for women's health advocates and activists. Native Shop screenshot
Of the Goddess
A web site of aromatherapy, essential oils & herbs, alternative health products & accessories based on ancient Goddess lore. Of the Goddess screenshot
A comprehensive and engaging web site offering a wealth
of information, current articles and resources for all aspects of
women's health and wellness. It includes different sections
devoted to women, medical professionals and the medical industry.
A website dedicated to providing marketing programs for natural fiber toys and support for the artisans that produce them.

Online Birth Center
An excellent resource site on midwifery, pregnancy, birth
and breastfeeding with a focus on alternative and non-medicalized birthing options. Online Birth Center screenshot

Peapods Natural Attachment Parenting Products
An innovative home-based business offering a variety of products selected to support you in your efforts at natural parenting, babywearing, and breastfeeding. Peapods screenshot

Personal Fertility Tester and Reproductive Health System
An innovative system to assist in achieving or avoiding pregnancy. We reviewed it in the Womansource.Personal Fertility Tester and Reproductive Health System screenshot

Based on the writings of Mary Eddy Baker, this Web site is brought to you by The Christian Science Board of Directors works to ensure that all people throughout the world searching for spiritual answers have access to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy’s principal work. screenshot

The Waterbirth Website
To educate parents and birth care professionals about
the extraordinary value of waterbirth. Waterbirth Website screenshot
The Parenting Resource Center on the Web. ParentsPlace screenshot

The Women's Health Boutique
The online site for a national franchise developed to meet the unique health needs of women. Perhaps you can start one in your community. The Women's Health Boutique screenshot

WholeFamily Center
An interactive site geared towards understanding and improving all kinds of family relationships. WholeFamily Center screenshot
A site focused on resources and information for holistic and sustainable living. screenshot
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