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Category VII. Wild, Wooley, Wicked & Just Plain Fun

All Men Must Die
This one you have to see for yourself. Words escape me. All Men Must Die screenshot

Bitch- A cool zine with rants, chats and a unique collection of links. Excellent design! Bitch screenshot

Brillo Magazine
Women on the web and in your face. Brillo Magazine screenshot

Cupcake: the online magazine for bad girls Cupcake screenshot

Epona's World
A beautifully constructed and historically intersting site
dedicated to Epona, the ancient Celtic Horse Goddess. Epona's World screenshot

Female Vocal Music WWW Site
A very comprehensive and throughly enjoyable listing (with many links) of female vocal musicians and bands of all genres. Excellent! Female Vocal Music WWW Site screenshot

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
A celebration of and discussion forum for this wonderful and often overlooked genre. Female Vocal Music WWW Site screenshot

Film & Destroy
Pointed commenatary on women in film. Film & Destroy screenshot

Guerrilla Girls
A group of women artists and arts professionals who make posters about discrimination.Guerrilla Girls screenshot

Goddess Art web site
Goddess Art and resources from artist Kate Cartwright. Goddess Art web site screenshot

Perspectives on and tools for the new millennium
including the desert-based Phoenix Rising Retreat for women. Harbinger screenshot

Journeywoman Magazine
Reviewed in the WomanSource, this is an excellent online e-zine chocked full of resources and information for women who love to travel. Journeywoman Magazine screenshot

LadySlipper Music
The most comprehensive Catalog & Resource
Guide of Music by Women is now online. LadySlipper Music screenshot

From the creators of comes this deliciously wicked online magazine with pointed commentary on everything from June brides to Disney. Maxi screenshot

one angry girl designs
T-shirts and more t-shirts of the radical feminist flavor. one angry girl designs screenshot

Sacred Journeys for Women
A site offering journeys especially for women to reconnect to the Goddess energy at sites where she has been honored for millenia. Sacred Journeys for Womyn

The online home of SeaFATle, a not-for-profit women's collective of fat
feminists and their allies, dedicated to activism and support. SeaFATle screenshot

Soho Bevy Stories
Sohobevy is a grandmother who overcame divorce, dyslexia, bankruptcy and a move to the "Big Apple." She went from surviving to thriving and now
maintains a bed and breakfast in Soho and recently opened her own website that includes Closet stories, SoHo Postcards and the Cybergranny comic strip. Soho Bevyscreenshot is a worldwide forum presenting discussion,
information and products relating to Tantric and esoteric
sexuality, sacred sex and sexual enhancement. screenshot

Women of the Road
For women motorcyclists Women of the Road screenshot

Women's Sports Images
From posters to trading cards, great sport's images of women in action and she's always looking for more. Women's Sports Images screenshot
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