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Category II. Women's Organizations

American Association of University Women
The online home of this 160,000 member national organization
that promotes education and equity for all women and girls. American Association of University Women screenshot

The Electra Pages Electra Pages screenshot

Feminist and Women's Organziations Feminist and Women's Organziations screenshot

Feminist Internet Gateway Feminist Internet Gateway screenshot

Grandmothers For Peace International
The online home of for this non-profit organization with a mission
to promote peace among ourselves and to support peace-loving
groups in communities across the nation and around the world. Grandmothers For Peace International screenshot

Feminist Majority Foundation Feminist Majority Foundation screenshot

National Organziation for Women National Organziation for Women screenshot

Women In Business
Cyberspace Field of Dreams

A networking and mentoring site for women business owners. Cyberspace Field of Dreams screenshot

Women In Business
WomenOwned Workplaces Network

A networking site dedicated to promoting women business owners around the world. WomenOwned Workplaces Network screenshot

Women's Network Australia
A networking site to support Australian women in business and connect executive and professional women worldwide. Women's Network Australia screenshot
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