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The WomanSource Catalog & Review:

Tools for Connecting the Community of Women

Edited by Ilene Rosoff (A Project of The Launch Pad)
©1996,1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 505 pages, ISBN: 0-89087-768-8
Price: $22.95 per paperback
Published by Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts (1-800-841-BOOK)

Now a Feature Selection in Book of the Month's One Spirit Book Club

What Is It?

Produced by The Launch Pad, an information access organization for women, and published by Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts in Berkeley, California,The WomanSource Catalog & Review is an eclectic review of hundreds of the best available resources, ideas and information for women. It's like a giant mail-order catalog with all the great resources and cool tools you always wanted to know about but didn't know where to find. The aim of The WomanSource Catalog is to build self-reliance by offering women the tools to shape our lives the way we want to, whether it be starting a business, raising our children, climbing a mountain or running for office. Welcome to our website and sampler. Here you can get the flavor of WomanSource by browsing through the introduction, table of contents and a great collection of sample pages. If you like what you see, you can order books for yourself, your organization or the women in your life. For your added surfing pleasure, we've also included a hotlist of links to other great web sites for women.

So, what can I find in The WomanSource Catalog & Review?

The WomanSource Catalog offers original, tell-it-like-it-is editorials of over 2,000 resources designed by and for women (books, magazines, organizations, products, catalogs, services, events, software, audios and videos), as well as progressive articles and informative facts on a mountain of issues concerning women today. Each entry in the catalog is accompanied by an editorial, photo and complete ordering and contact information; if you see something that sparks you, you can get to it right away. The WomanSource Catalog is designed to ignite ideas and inspire action!

Along with The Launch Pad staff (12 Tampa-Bay women), over 200 women from around the country shared resources and contributed writing to this three-year project, including such cutting-edge thinkers and doers as Anita Roddick, Mary Daly, Joan Jett, Candida Royale, Carol Seajay and Jean Houston. Our contributors come from all walks of life. They are not just professional writers or high-profile women, but mothers, teachers, women in the trades, designers, scientists, athletes, artists, community leaders and students—a true mosiac of women's voices. Within the pages of The WomanSource Catalog women share resources and ideas that have changed and enhanced their lives, families and communities. With 52 topics ranging in subject from Environment & Nature to Money & Resources, Wellness to Family, Spirituality to Sexuality, Politics to Science & Technology and Craft to Designing & Building, The WomanSource Catalog is a triumphant celebration of femininity and feminism in all its wondrous forms.

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