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Updated March 5, 2002

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Highlighting many women not found in other history books, this work shows role models for young women, groups to join or revamp, topics to contemplate and movements to model your own after. With photographs sprinkled throughout, the A to Z entries cover documents like the "History of Woman Suffrage," subjects such as "Women's Strikes," tools like "Talent Banks" (collections of the resumes of women qualified to fill government positions), organizations such as Planned Parenthood and women like Mary Mason Lyons (founder of Mt. Holyoke College). ~ KS

American Women’s History
An A to Z of People, Organizations, Issues, and Events
Doris Weatherford, 1994; 396 pp.
Prentice Hall
P.O. Box 11071, Des Moines, IA 50336-1071
$18.00 per paperback
800-947-7700 MC/Visa/Amex
ISBN #0-671-85028-8

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